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Other Programmes

Other Programmes

Capacity Development Programme

To bring the poor, deprived and weak people to the mainstream of the society, AES is making efforts for enhancing their capacities through regular basic training to the SHGs on selection of the activities to be performed and on team work. They are also being trained on motivation and on awareness programmes for women.

Training to SHG Members on Mid Day Meal

The organisation is providing training to the SHGs for the preparation of mid day meal under SJGSY. It aims at providing the village women the employment and linking the children to the mainstream of the education through the provision of nutritious. As every SHG has been given the responsibility to prepare food for about 200 children, technical skill and proper management is compulsory for them.

The organisation has provided training to 233 members of SHGs of Mehar block of Satna district and 319 members of Khairlanzi block of Balaghat district.

Programme on Usefulness of Iodine Salt

AES is organising awareness programme on the usefulness of iodised salt for the school students, salt merchants in the market and the workers preparing mid-day-meal in the primary schools. The programme is aimed at providing them information about its importance, harmful effects of its deficiency, motivating the children and the merchants to use the iodised salt and how to recognise it. The organisation is working hard to make it available to every person of the family, to make a stop at the problems spreading because of its deficiency.


The organisation is running seven creches in the slum areas of Satna city, and Dilaura, Tikuria, Gaada, Kolhua and Satri villages of Rampur Baghelan block in Satna district and Majhiar village of Sirmaur block in Reewa district. Children of poor working women can stay and get education at these centres. At present 175 children are being benefitted at these creches.

Mahila Jagrookta Shivir

Organization organised 2 mahila jagrookta shivir (Awareness Camps) in association with Madhya Pradesh Social Welfare board, Bhopal in Diloura and Tikuriya village of Rampur Baghela block of Satna district.

Organization also organised 5 mahila jagrookta shivir (Awareness Camps) in Gadha, Satri, Kolhua, Narsinghpur and Marahua blocks of Satna district in association with Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi.

Adopted Daughter Plan

Two girl child of very poor family are being provided with education fees, uniform and syllabus books every year by the organisation in compliance with the policies of the state government.

Soil and Water Conservation

The organisation is working for soil and water conservation with support from the villagers through the selection of the processes in accordance with their suitability and conserving the natural resources. Information on land availability is collected and the works suitable as per the resource availability are selected, women are motivated for savings, and for self-reliance.

Environment Related Programme

The Society is organising various programmes on environmental awareness with the help of debates, drawing and painting competitions, rallies and seminars, tree plantation and weed eradication works.

World Breast Feeding Week

The organisation provides the information on breast feeding and its benefits by organising various seminars from August 1-7 every year.

World Anti Tobacco and Anti Smoking Day

Every year on May 31, a seminar is being organised on the occasion of World Anti-Tobacco Day, in which awareness on the harmful effects of smoking and tobacco consumption is being generated among the villagers.

Liquor Prohibition Day

AES organises seminar on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (October 2) every year and makes pledge for liquor prohibition.

Programme on International Women’s Day

The organisation conducts seminars in the rural and urban areas on March 10 every year on the occasion of International Women’s Day under the We-Can Campaign.