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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

As the women are regularly being subjected to inequality, discrimination and domestic violence, AES aims at their empowerment by developing leadership qualities among them for their increased participation in the developmental process. Along with that they are also trained to develop in them the decision making abilities with full confidence and impartiality. They are being trained through workshops, health camps, exposure visits, rallies and other campaigns on their and children’s health, malnutrition, SHG formation, NREGA, panchayati raj, women rights, health and cleanliness, etc.

AES organises various seminars and competitions to make the women and adolescent girls aware about gender related issues such as violence against women. It also provides them information on health, cleanliness, hygiene, RTI/STI, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS.

Ab Chupp Nahi Rahenge Programme

Ab Chupp Nahi Rahenge (We won’t be Silent) campaign is being run in the state to put an end to atrocities, bad conduct and violence against women. Poster competition, drawing and painting, debates, extempore, street plays, media conference, information stalls, rallies and wall writings are being organised with support from WRRC, Action Aid and Madhya Pradesh Rights Network.

Family Counselling Centre

AES is providing help, guidance and free counselling to the deprived and discarded women of the society through its Family Counselling Centre with support from Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi.

Empowerment of Women Leaders in PRIs

AES has initiated a programme with support from The Hunger Project to empower women in 20 women headed sarpanches in Semaria cluster of Sirmaur development block in Reewa district. The programme has two main objectives: One, to make the women aware of their rights while enhancing their participation in gram sabha so they can raise voice against any kind of exploitation, and, two, to develop capacity among women sarpanches to take decisions in a free and fair manner. The programme also seeks to change men’s mentality towards women. For this the organisation is carrying out activities like gram sabha campaign, women health camps, workshops of women leaders, workshops of mahila Mandals, exposure visits, etc.